Customers Buy Out Orange County Doughnut Shop Daily So Owner Can Spend Time With Sick Wife

Customers buy every single doughnut at local Seal Beach doughnut shop in Orange County, California so that the owner the community has come to love can be with his sick wife.

Chhan and his wife, Stella, have owned Donut City for three decades. The couple came to Orange County as refugees from Cambodia in 1979. Since then, they have worked side by side every single morning to serve locals delicious doughnuts at their loved doughnut shop – until recently.

Customers who have dearly missed Stella Chhan’s presence behind the counter serving them doughnuts every morning were shocked to discover that she had suffered from a terrible aneurysm. Thank God, she’s survived, but has become weak and in rehab, and her soulmate, John Chhan rushes home every day to be with her as soon as the shop sells out of doughnuts.

John Chhan has declined customers’  requests to to set up a GoFundMe account for the couple, saying he really just wants more time with his wife. So, instead, local customers have decided to help Donut City sell out early every single day so that he can return to the rehabilitation center where she is recovering.

“She can talk, she can write,” Chhan said to local press of his wife’s progress. “Right now she’s trying to start…eat something.”

Author: Anthony Rogers presents