Episode 15

Growing Pot in Pots


Episode 14

Steve O’Brien interview – St. Louis rapper Steve O’Brien talks about his new song “Making Moves” produced by BigHead ( multi-platinum producer that did Gucci Gang )


Episode 13

Al Globus from NASA talks about colonizing space.


Episode 12

Kosha Dillz interview – Los Angeles rapper stops by for an interview while in St. Louis


Episode 11

Mary Johnson talks about being a psychic medium and upcoming movie


Episode 10

Uwe Boll interview – Anthony talks to legendary film maker


Episode 9

Brian Stofiel interview – Owner of Stofiel Aerospace stops by to talk about space, mining asteroids, and some other stuff.


Episode 8

VladHQ interview – St. Louis rapper VladHQ makes fun of and scares SoundCloud rapper Lil Xan to where he had to cancel his St. Louis show.


Episode 7

Danny Danko from High Times 



Episode 6

Jeff Bowles talks about vitamin D3 in high doses.



Episode 5

Brian Bonsall from Blank Check interview


Episode 4

Niktia Thompson interview



Episode 3

Time Travel John Titor interview



Episode 2

Shane Obedzinski from The Sandlot


Episode 1

Jake Dwiggins from The Ataris