Vending Machine in Indiana Dispenses Clean Clothes and Blankets to Homeless

A new vending machine in Muncie, Indiana, isn’t a normal vending machine. This one has a purpose to serve more than human greed. Isn’t stocked with poisonous sodas and junk food. It dispenses winter basics like warm clothing, socks, and blankets, and instead of charging cash or credit cards, it gives away these items for free to the community.

The vending machine was set up outside the local fire department to service the up to 200 people without permanent homes in Delaware County, Indiana. If you or someone in need wants to utilize this, you or they have to first have to register with the charity organization Bridges Community Services.

There they are given free tokens that can be used to access the vending machine.

Every item currently in the Indiana vending machine was donated by a member of the community, and Bridges Community Services is still accepting donations. If you would like to help or donate, contact them now.


Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen is giving out $30 million to house 94 homeless and low-income families in south Seattle.

The construction project will cost $46 million in total. The Paul G. Allen Philanthropies donated the $30 million. The Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan’s office providing $5 million to the project and the last $10 million is coming from a housing tax credit.

Here is Paul Allen playing guitar.

Crowd Source Company Pays Homeless Man Back the $400k ‘Stolen’ From Him

Crowd sourcing company, GoFundMe, announced that it is going to pay homeless man back the $400k ‘stolen’ from him by couple who set up his fundraiser, as cops raid the couples home and cart away a suspicious new luxury car.


Homeless veteran, Johnny Bobbitt, spent his last $20 buying gas for Kate McClure in November… Kate claimed to be so touched by his selfless act, in the press, that she had set up a GoFundMe page for Mr. Bobbit.

The inspirational story led thousands of people to donate to a crowdfunding campaign run by the motorist and her boyfriend.

  • Bobbit claims that he was never given access to money and now there is nothing left of it
  • McClure insists all of it went on his care and that he spent $25,000 of it on drugs… 
  • Bobbit is now suing and police today announced they are investigating couple 
  • Cops raided the couple’s New Jersey home and towed away a recently purchased BMW 

The couple is now accused of paying Bobbitt only a portion of the funds while using the rest on gambling and vacations…

The crowdfunding site said it would make sure Johnny Bobbitt receives what is left of the sum he was promised after he helped a motorist stranded in Philadelphia by giving him his last remaining $20 for gas so she could get home.