This Company Wants to Remove CO2 from the Air and Turn it into Products.

A company in Switzerland, by the name of Climeworks, is developing a technology to suck carbon dioxide out of the air…

Climeworks was founded by engineers Christoph Gebald and Jan Wurzbacher, who decided to build a company together on the day they met at university in 2003.

the world’s first commercial-scale direct air capture plant. (Climeworks)


Their plants capture atmospheric carbon with a filter. Then air is drawn into the plant and the CO2 within the air is chemically bound to the filter.

Once the filter is saturated with CO2 it is heated to around 100 °C (212 °F). The CO2 is then released from the filter and collected as concentrated CO2 gas to supply to customers or for negative emissions technologies…

CO2-free air is released back into the atmosphere. This continuous cycle is then ready to start again.

The filter is reused many times and lasts for several thousand cycles.


Author: Anthony Rogers presents